Monday, December 16, 2013

GUEST BLOG - 5 Ways Legos Can Bring People to Christ

Today I get the privilege of featuring a guest blogger, my 12-year old son. He is a highly creative and artistic person with hopes to animate for Pixar Studios or become a Lego master builder (that’s a real job where you get paid to put Lego’s together as a career).  He wrote this shortly after we returned from a trip to Brazil this past summer all on his own. My wife and I are so proud of him and can't wait to see who he becomes.  I hope you get a glimpse of his heart. Enjoy!

Tension - When you sin, tension is being applied and over time the tension builds until finally, you break. When you find God, He repairs you with His “God glue” and you are whole again; just like when you are saved and come to Christ.

                                                               Before God                                                                       

After God

Light - If you hold a Lego brick to the light you can see that some of the light shines through. Just as we are the brick, God is the light. So when we put ourselves up to God, He shines through us so that other people will come to know Him.

We shine for Him

Brand - When you look at an ordinary 2x4 Lego brick and notice its studs, you can see that Lego put their brand on all of their bricks just as God puts His brand on us. We are made in His image and we are branded with the name of God.

His brand on us

Plan - Just as the Lego Company has a plan for each Lego brick that comes out of its factory, God has a plan for each and every person that He creates.  And His plan is better than any of our plans combined could create.

God's Factory

Different - Each Lego brick is different in its own way, and that’s just the way Lego wants it. Just as we are different in our own way, and that’s just the way He wants it. We may be the smallest or the slowest but we are made just the way our God chose us to be.

God wants YOU to be different


  1. Wow! Excellent! Great Applications. You Are Wise Beyond Your Years.

  2. I love Lego and that is a brilliant insight!

    1. I agree Robert! I was blown away that my son put that all together :)