Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Beginnings

Welcome to my BLOG,

When I was 16 my heart locked on to what I felt my calling was: developing leaders. At the time I was "committed" to being an orthopedic surgeon. Once I figured out I would go to school for another 12 years and then spend many more paying off the bills I would incur, I reluctantly stayed the course. I figured I'd just deal with the headaches because I couldn't think of anything better to do. I was a pretty wise 16 year old....yeah right.

My parents chose to put me in environments that would stretch and inspire me to lead. It was in one of these environments that I "caught" my calling.

The frustration began during my internship in college when I realized I couldn't immediately do what I loved because I needed......that's right, you guessed it! EXPERIENCE. Who in their right mind would listen to a 22 year old kid tell them how to be a leader? It's funny because there's no way I would now. That poor soul would be a prime target for some back-of-the-classroom harassing.

The last nine years I've grown, lead, risked, read, and experimented with different thoughts, theories, and crazy creative ideas as I earned some school-of-hard-knocks experience. Countless hours have been invested writing, facilitating, teaching and maturing my leaders. I tend to think they are better today than they were before they joined my team.

Therefore my readers, I encourage you to ask questions, challenge ideas and/or tell me I am full of nonsense. I want to throw some creativity your way because my goal is to expand myself and give as much of what I have learned away for the betterment of others. Enjoy....