Thursday, March 17, 2011

When Hard Things Choose You

Life is full of tough decisions and hard times. I'm not talking about those which make you feel a tad bit uncomfortable. But more so the kind that tear your heart out and make you want to stay in bed the rest of your life. We typically deal with those a few times in our existence, and guess what? Most of the time they are centered on your personal life - not business. These issues suck the life out of you down to the core. I label it "When Hard Things Choose You".

Don't you wish this was like picking teams in elementary school? I would give my right arm to be chosen last. Unfortunately you can't escape it. It's interesting that while I write this, my iPod picked "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles. Weird....I digress.

I am living this right now. I HATE it, but I can't run away. Instead I need to stand and fight while keeping my wits about me.

The only hope I have is in the God who created me and is still crazy-in-love with me. He's read the book of my life already. I am so happy that He's the great comforter, and that I don't have to be alone. Coldplay's "Fix You" is now does this happen ?

Whatever you may be going through has already been planned by our great God. Let's rest in Him together.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Being the Jerk

What do you do when people behave and/or perform in a way that's contradictory to your vision? Many people let it go or make excuses for it. Why? Leaders would rather cowardly laugh off dysfunction than address dysfunctional behavior. Why rock the boat? It's easier to let it go and focus on "things that matter”. My friend, when people on your team sabotage your vision, IT MATTERS.


Many times adults are just overgrown teens trying to sort out what they can get away with without facing any consequences. I had to give a written warning to a 4 ½ year veteran employee this week because he chose not to show up on time on a Saturday after previously addressing his behavior. When I delivered the warning his response was, “I didn’t know those were the hours.” Okay, how many of us said the same thing when we were 16 or 17? Amen, I see that hand, and that one too. There are hands going up all over this blog.

I got his attention. My vision is greater than any one person. Therefore if being 100% sold out to what my team could accomplish, while positively affecting the world around us, causes me to discipline those who deserve it, then I am the biggest jerk of all.