Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving in North Carolina

As many of you know, the last couple months our family embarked on a new adventure.  We walked out of the corporate marketplace and into ministry moving from warm Florida to a bit colder North Carolina.  It's been amazing watching God answer prayers and provide. The day before we left Florida, we locked down new renters for our house.  God likes to wait till the last minute sometimes.  I cried tears of joy knowing that we were heading north with no strings attached.

The smiling faces of our fresh newhope family have more than balanced out the cold temperatures.  Our boys are adjusting well to school and my wife has done an amazing job spearheading the selective unpacking process since we'll be buying a house in the Spring.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I'm left with an unending list of blessings for which to be thankful.  Who would've thought that this was truly part of His plan?  Sometimes we wonder if God has forgotten  about us and if His calling in our lives has eluded His sight.  The truth is that His timing is perfect.  He knows when we're ready and when our story has the texture needed for the next season.  We'd rarely ever pick the path or the process, but the promise is still there and the end product is worth it.

So as I assemble my "Thanksgiving List", I am thankful for the journey - the pain, disappointment, tears, never-ending stirring in my spirit, the smiles, the laughs, the friends and all the memories that are now part of who I am.  So keep going, keep believing, and keep pursuing His calling.  It's worth it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!