Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top 10 Things I Learned in Corporate America

Over the last 17 years, I have had the privilege of working both in big business and ministry. As I've reflected on my time at my former company, I've put together the Top 10 Things I Learned in Corporate America.  I hope this adds value to you today!

1.  Decisions are harder when you’re the one making them – don’t criticize the decision maker because yours aren’t that good.

2.  Always hire people who want your job.

3.  It’s lonely at the top.  Have a strong inner circle of leaders because your shoulders aren’t that broad. 

4.  Pats on the back are rare for the leader.  However, be generous in giving them to your team.

5.  Leading and coaching doesn’t end just because you have moved on to another job. Followers you’ve deeply connected with will always be watching and some will continue to reach out for guidance.

6.  Generous leaders connect deeply with grateful followers.

7.  Positive memories are important.  If you can provide good ones for the people you lead, they will be tools to use to stay focused when things get tough.

8.  Connecting and caring for people puts “change” in your pocket. You never know when you may need a little “change” to pay for the next change.

9.  You can always give more, make more, and do better. Don’t be satisfied with “good”.

10.  Only a few on your team will truly want to grow and develop. Nurture them, reproduce yourself, and give them a gift that will carry them forever.

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